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Cartels & Anticompetitive Conducts

Heavy fines for companies engaging in anticompetitive practices are no longer an exception in Brazil. CADE has been adopting more stringent measures to punish cartel and unilateral conducts, promoting each time more dawn raids and launching each year more investigations.

The fines that the agency has been imposing has considerably increased in terms of amount and restrictive obligations.

We never give up defending our clients and we are always at the forefront of antitrust defenses, creating winning doctrinaire and procedural strategies.

However, when we foresee high possibilities of conviction, agreements negotiation is most indicated, and our team is ready to hammer out the best deal.

Martorano Law is part of a select group of Brazilian law firms that have participated in leniency agreements negotiations with CADE and the Federal Public Ministry. We always position our clients in the first-in position of leniency and settlement negotiations.

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