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Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy provides clear and precise information on the cookies used in this website.

Martorano Law’s website ( e uses its own and third party cookies to gather usage information and improve its users’ experience as specified below.


Cookies usually encrypted small text files that are created and downloaded by the browser to a computer or mobile device when a user accesses a website. These files store information related to the user's navigation on that website, improving the experience and allowing more efficient navigation and access to all functions.

Cookies store information about website movements, allow you to continue activity from the interrupted point and store login information and user preferences, as well as other personalized functions.

Cookies usually do not allow user identification or access to personal information, although they may be used to create browsing profiles that assist and direct website marketing activities.

Types of used cookies

Martorano Law uses the following cookies, according to the type:

  1. Session cookies: temporary files – stored in the web browser until the user leaves the website – that allow safe access and use of the website during the session. 

  2. Permanent cookies: files stored in the web browser that are used every time the website is accessed in the device.

The cookies have different purposes, as follows:

  1. Essential cookies: necessary to enable website’s resources and services such as secure areas that require user login.

  2. Analytical cookies: allow statistics creation and assessment, enhancing the website’s functioning. Data is stored and managed in an anonymized manner.

  3. Function cookies: store user preferences regarding the use of the website, avoiding that a new configuration has to be performed at each access.

Finally, regarding the source, the cookies may be:

  1. Martorano Law’s own cookies: provided and managed by Martorano Law. 

  2. Third party cookies: provided and managed by third parties – when connecting with social media or videos stored in other websites, for example. Given that these cookies are provided by a different domain, they are governed by their original cookies policy and Martorano Law is not allowed to access data stored by them.


By navigating Martorano Law’s website and accepting the cookies policy that appears in the pop-up screen, the user consents with the use of the cookies mentioned above during the indicated period and in the conditions provided for in this Cookies Policy.

Disabling and blocking cookies

The use of Martorano Law’s website does not require cookies, so it is possible for the user to block or disable them according to the configuration of the used web browser. Each browser has its own cookie setting and management options. As a rule, internet browsers allow you to identify cookies and decline them automatically.

In the event that cookies are refused, blocked or disabled, Martorano Law's website will remain accessible to users with the exception that some of the services and features may be limited.

Consent withdrawal

The user may at any time withdraw the consent to this Cookies Policy. To do so, the user must eliminate cookies stored on the computer or mobile device by adjusting and configuring the web browser.

For more information about deleting, disabling or blocking cookies, please visit:

Cookies settings and adjustments

Unless the user has adjusted the web browser setting, our system will set cookies after a visit to Martorano Law’s website. However, as mentioned above, all web browsers allow the user to change this setting. For more information on how to adjust your cookie settings, please refer to the used web browser support.

Changes in the Cookies Policy

Martorano Law’s website Cookies Policy undergoes periodic updates, regardless of prior notification. For this reason, we recommend that you review these terms by each new access to be properly informed. The Cookies Policy was last updated on July 17, 2019.


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about the Cookies Policy, please contact us at:

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