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Privacy & Data Protection

We assist companies to navigate through the complex set of laws, regulations and technical standards governing the gathering, storage and use of information and to adapt their internal and external policies at national and international levels.

With a privileged perspective on the technological aspects that permeate the rules of privacy and data protection, coupled with the solid experience in governmental investigations, Martorano Law represents companies operating in the most diverse markets that use or rely on data to develop their business.

The size of our clients and their markets are considered by our team so that the data protection programs we develop are implemented in a taylormade and efficient way.

In order to offer this customization, we have partnered with several audit and consulting firms that work together with our team to implement the Data Protection Program we develop with the best available technology.

LGPD is already in force in Brazil.

Is your company in compliance?

Learn the essential steps of our General Data Protection Project


Gaps Mapping

Data Flow Mapping

Scope Definition


Risk Assessment

Politics, Proceeding & Impacts

Risk Management & Contracts

Mapping & Inventory



Governance & Frame


Implementation & Monitoring


Factory Model

Tests & Monitoring


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