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Letícia Crivelin is one of the authors of a book on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA).

The book is the result of the joint work carried out by members of IBRAC’s Regulation Committee.

The book “Institucionalização e prática da Análise de Impacto Regulatório no Brasil”, to which Letícia Crivelin has contributed with the assessment on AIR implementation within the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), was launched this week.

Approaching RIA - a regulatory hot topic recently discussed within the context of the PM for Economic Freedom - the book is the result of the joint effort carried out by members of the Brazilian Institute for Studies on Competition, Consumer Affairs and International Trade (IBRAC)’s Regulation Committee.

Starting with an overview of the Brazilian rules governing RIA, the collaborators assessed procedures completed between January 2016 and February 2017 by the regulatory agencies and identified intersections between RIA and competition advocacy. Finally, ideas for articulating the competences of regulatory agencies and of the Brazilian Competition Defense System (SBDC)’s bodies were proposed.

The book was published by Amazon and can be purchased (eBook format) at: All revenue will be used by IBRAC for the promotion of further studies and discussions on this and other important regulation and antitrust issues.

The print edition will be available on Amazon in a few days.

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